An Epilogue

              At the very beginning of this assignment, I was very hesitant of the significance of making a blog. However as I progressed through the different parts and wrote my posts, I began to learn more about myself than I already knew. Through this blog, I was able to express my ideas and experiences for others to see and learn about me. Writing about myself used to be a very difficult topic for me to be able to grasp, but through the use of this blog, I am now able to express about myself more freely than before. I no long stare blankly wondering what I could possibly write about myself. I can now instantly conjure up my latest opinion or experience to write about, which is always good because being able to express myself more freely will help me to become a better writer. I always try to learn new ways to improve my writing and speaking skills, and I believe that through creating this blog, I have improved my previous tendency of writer’s block. 

               My favorite piece of writing that I composed for this portfolio would have to be the one titled “Who Am I”. This post made me look more deeply into my life to see how I affect the people around me, and what I hold closely. Through writing this piece, I realized how that I make a difference in other people’s lives through my everyday actions. I am now more aware of how that I influence others and hope to make a positive change in how that I affect those who I care about. I now know that I should make changes in my character and actions for the better, in hopes of improving the quality of the relationships that I have with my loved ones. 

          Through creating this online portfolio, I believe that I have grown to become a better writer and am now able to express myself more openly. I have learned more about myself along the way and have also realized my impact on others. I believe that this assignment has helped me develop as a person and make a change for the better. I hope that this portfolio has served others as well as it has served me.

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Most Memorable Event

On my wall hangs a purple bow-tie. This particular one is what I wore while attending Prom the past year with my girlfriend, who was just my best friend at the time. It was my Junior year and first time going. At first, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea of going to Prom and honestly didn’t plan to. I thought that it was overrated and just a waste of time. However after my best friend didn’t have anyone to go with and asked to go with me, so I thought maybe I could go just for her, even if I didn’t care to go myself. In preparation, we bought our outfits and they turned out really well. I also enjoyed being able to shopping for my suit because I love dressing up and looking nice.

On the night of Prom, we had made reservations for and ate at Kobe’s Japanese Restaurant before going to Prom. It was really crowded at the restaurant but we easily got a seat because of our call-ahead-seating. The food was great and was just the beginning of the surprisingly wonderful night that we would have. When we finally got to the Prom, we stayed for a while and talked with our friends ,and danced for a little bit. We did leave early though so that we could catch a movie, and went to see “42”, which turned out to be a really good movie. Afterwards we left and headed home completely wore out from the night’s fun. Going to Prom turned out to be a very enjoyable and memorable night for me, and what made it better was that I got to spend it with all the people that I love. My bow-tie will forever remind me of the great memories that I made at Prom.

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Dream Car

If there was any car that I could have, I would choose to own a Lexus LFA. It is my dream car because I have always loved Lexus cars, and always wanted to own one. The LFA body style is my favorite because not only is it a classy car, but also is very sporty and powerful. It has been my dream to own a Lexus, and hopefully when I am older, I will be able to because of my potentially high paying career as an attorney. The Lexus LFA has a sleek body style similar to some of the modern high dollar sports cars, but also is not overrated like the Lamborghini. I personally think that both Lexus and Porsche cars are beautiful, and would be overjoyed to own either, but if I had to choose then I would pick the Lexus LFA. I would choose to have a dark blue color because not only is it my favorite color, but it looks fabulous on sports cars and is not very common of a color. The interior of my car would be a light gray, so that it would be comfortable during both the winter and summer months. I would enjoy driving my car everywhere and showing it off because it is not a very common car. Nothing would leave more of a lasting impression than showing up to my job in a Lexus LFA. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to save enough money to afford a nice car, and if I am lucky then I will get to have my dream car, the Lexus LFA.

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Driver’s License

I have had my driver’s license for a little over a year now and have greatly enjoyed the independence that it gives me. It was a long and agonizing road that I had to travel in order to gain such independence. I passed my test on the first try and was excited to be holding that little slip of paper in the middle of the local DMV office. At first, as a young driver, I would constantly be corrected by my overreactive mother. I would not be uncommon for her to irationally freak out over the mildest of situations such as a car in front of me slowing down. I was not a bad driver, but was trated as if the car was made of glass. Learning in our family SUV, also known as the tank, I was forced to learn all the faults if the contraption’s steering mechanism, and most definitely to this day steer clear of any chance of having to operate it. Although it was a pain to endure the long and frustrating hours of driving alongside my mother, I do believe that I have become a much better driver.
         Over a year later now, I am glad to have my own car and to feel the independence and responsibility of possessing my own personal transportation. I no longer have the the pain and frustration of being a driver-in-training. I am proud of my progress and consider myself to be a good driver because of my awareness. Getting my driver’s license was just the beginning of the journey that I would travel, and that I continue to be on as I cruise through life. 

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Extraordinary Pet

My dog Krystal is an extraordinary pet. She is half Chihuahua and half dachshund, also sometimes called a “Chiweenie”. Krystal was given to me as a puppy by my great grandfather. She is now around five years old. Krystal is an inside dog and is very unique. She is dark gray, black, and brown with a white patch on her chest. Krystal is excessively fat and has a wonderful personality even though she likes to bark too much. She is very protective of my family, most of all of me. Krystal is lazy but also very playful, and will make you laugh with some of the strange things that she does such as her ability to snore excessively loud. She is a very loving dog and enjoys getting attention from people. Krystal has a very large vocabulary, and her favorite word to hear is “jerky” because that is what we give her for treats when she is well behaved. She listens very well but is also stubborn sometimes, especially when she doesn’t want to take a bath. Even though sometimes she can be a pain, Krystal is the ideal dog and is most definitely an extraordinary pet.

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The Perfect Present

If someone were to give me the “perfect gift”, they would give me confidence. I am a person who has extreme self-confidence issues and doubt myself all the time. I would wish to have confidence so that I may be more outgoing and friendly, and also so that I would no longer be doubtful of my abilities. If I were more confident, I would not put myself down all the time and worry about everything. Lacking confidence is also very difficult when it comes to being able to speak in front of others. I become nervous when I speak in front of a group of people and worry about messing up. If I were more confident, I would be a more eloquent speaker, which would help me greatly because I plan to become an attorney, and also would therefore make me more successful. Confidence would make me a stronger and more proud individual. To be given confidence would be the greatest gift in the world because it would improve me as a person, and make me much happier with who I am.

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One Medium Suitcase

If I were to pack a suitcase to prepare for leaving home forever, I would take my wallet, my picture of my great grandparents, my pocket watch, my phone, dress clothes, a photo of my family and my girlfriend,  I would take my wallet of course because it has all of my necessary information and money. I would take the photographs of my loved ones as inspiration and as reminders of the people I care about. I would take my pocket watch so that I would always have a source for time and because it is my favorite possession. I would take my phone as means of communication and direction because it has a GPS and internet capability. I would take dress clothes with me so that I could look nice wherever I went, and would look well enough to find success. If I were to leave home, I would take with me sentimentally valuable things that will help me along the way, no matter where I am headed.

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Personal Symbol

Sitting on a shelf in my room is a little black box that I received for my eighteenth birthday. Inside is a an old fashioned wind-up pocket watch with a chain attached. This was given to me by my girlfriend and is one of my most prized possessions. The watch has a white face with black numbers and hands, and is covered by a shiny gold colored coating. The interior of the watch is visible through a window in the face, where you can see all the gears and even the second hand system ticking away. I have always admired and wished to own a pocket watch because I love the old fashioned vibe that they emanate. This watch is a personal symbol for me because it represents the gentlemen-like  nature that I have, and explains my love of classiness. I enjoy being able to dress in nice clothes such as suits and bow-ties, and this pocket watch not only goes well with such outfits, but also represents my enjoyment of the finer things in life that I hope to be able to possess in the future.

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What’s in a name?

My name is Alex Timothy Turner. Like I have mentioned before in some of my other posts, my name is very similar to the character “Timmy Turner” in the 90’s cartoon “Fairly Odd Parents”, which I in fact used to watch growing up. So my name is a constant reminder of my childhood, and for a while was even something to laugh about. My last name, Turner, is actually of English descent. It is a derivative of the Anglo-Norman French term “tornor”, which was an occupation of one who worked with a lathe, usually in metalworking or pottery. However, I no longer live with nor associate with my father or his side of the family, so I plan to legally change my last name so that my children and wife will not carry it either. I am going to change my last name to “Scarbro”, which was my maternal great-grandparents’ last name. My great grandparents raised me as a child and were a very big part of my life. They were my heroes and meant a lot to me, and I plan to carry their name in their honor.

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Who am I?

I am a scholar. Always working hard in school, I strive to do my very best so that my hard work may reflect in my grades. Spending endless hours, I tackle every assignment with determination to give it my best of efforts. Education and hard work are the key to success.  I see both of these as very important to ensure my future to be very successful, and I plan to always learn as much as possible throughout my life. Knowledge and wisdom are the most valuable things a person can attain, because with it, the rest will come easy.

I am a brother. Being the older brother of two boys, my younger brother is always looking up to me. I try to be a good example for him, because I know that I am a big influence to him. Now that our father no longer lives with us, I have to help take care of him and my mother, and be the leader in the house. I know my brother watches me, and even though we don’t always get along, I always try to be a good example for him to follow.

I am a friend. Treating people how that you want to be treated in return is the attitude that everyone should have when interacting with people. I always treat my friends as if they are my family. I love making people smile and laugh, and try to do so every day when around my friends. I am a very dependable person and try to be there if any of my friends ever need help or advice.

I am a boyfriend. My best friend of two years, is also my girlfriend and is very important to me. She knows me better than anyone else and is practically my twin. As a boyfriend, I always put her before me and do everything in my power to make her happy. The happiness of others is something that I care about, and my girlfriend especially is someone who I try to keep smiling. I take my job as a boyfriend very seriously, as everyone should, and I plan to continue to be the best boyfriend possible because not only is she my girlfriend, she is my other half.

I am a chef. Cooking is my passion, and I love to see the results of my efforts. Ever since I was a child, I have loved to cook. I have taken culinary classes in school so that I can learn new recipes and techniques for cooking. My favorite thing to make is pizza because I love to knead and form the dough with my hands. I would love to own my own restaurant and perhaps may in the future. 

I am a scholar, a brother, a friend, a boyfriend, and a chef.

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